Downsize This!


Tekijä: Michael Moore
Kustantaja: Pan Books
Julkaisuvuosi: 1997
ISBN: 0-330-41915-3
Kuntoluokka: K4+

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paperback, 2002




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Downsize This!

From the acclaimed writer of Stupid White Men, director of Bowling for Columbine, creator of TV Nation, as well as the most popular documentary of all time, Roger and Me, comes his classic book for all you disillusioned, political abstainees who are working longer hours for less pay and have had enough.

Michael Moore has established himself as the world’s foremost social and political commentator; as someone who just won’t shut up, go away, or otherwise do what political and corporate fat cats would like him to do.

Nothing but the truth is sacred in this hilarious screed on the state of the USA. With chapter headings such as »What America Needs is a Makeover» and »Why Doesn`t General Motors Sell Crack?» setting the tone for a biting indictment of American corporate politics, Moore’s take-no-prisoners attitude is brutally funny, insightful, irrepressible. The issues raised are universal: here Michael Moore lifts the veil on the people who set themselves up as our role models and hysterically exposes their vulnerable underbellies.

»America has an irrepressible new humorist in the tradition of Mark Twain… he is Michael Moore.»
— New York Times
»Michael Moore deserves one of those Genius grants so he can take on any subject of his choosing.»
— New York Post


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