Barbara Stanwyck – Signature Collection


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Ohjaus: Eri ohjaajia
Julkaisuvuosi: 2007
Alkuperäinen nimi: Barbara Stanwyck – The Signature Collection
Lajityyppi: draama, jännitys, western
Pääosat: Barbara Stanwyck, William Holden, Ava Gardner, Clark Cable, Fredric March, James Mason, et al.

Formaatti: normaali DVD
Alue: 1
Kunto: K3
Tekstitys: EI suomi. Englanti, ranska.

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Barbara Stanwyck – Signature Collection

Classic film fans will find the Barbara Stanwyck Signature Collection as delicious as any multi-course buffet. The films combines some better-known titles (Executive Suite, Annie Oakley) with some lesser-known gems (My Reputation, Jeopardy) as well as some cool vintage extras.

Annie Oakley (1935)

– Annie Oakley – mestariampuja –

Folks back home say Annie Oakley can knock the eye out of a bumblebee at 50 paces. In Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Annie blasts a flock of clay pigeons out of the sky, shoots a cigarette out of a man’s mouth and performs other amazing feats that make her the show’s star attraction and the world’s darling.

Annie Oakley’s star attraction is a radiant Barbara Stanwyck, sharpshootin’ her way under George Stevens’ direction into biopic glory… and into the heart of a rival marksman. There’s more fun, what with trick riders, and-ballyhoo-filled recreation of what was once the pinnacle of American showmanship. Get your ticket!

My Reputation (1946)

– Tapaamme ja eroamme –

Barbara Stanwyck stars in this moody melodrama as a widow struggling to rebuild her life despite uncharitable rumors.

With her sons away at school, Jessica Drummond (Stanwyck) is lonely and uninterested in the suitors her mother, Mrs. Kimball (Lucile Watson), chooses for her. But when Jessica joins her close friend Ginna Abbott (Eve Arden) on a skiing trip and meets Major Scott Landis (George Brent), a handsome man who is clearly attracted to her, she soon must choose between him and a sweet but dull man back home.

East Side, West Side (1949)

– Epävarma kohtalo –

Mervyn LeRoy directs a fabulous cast in this film noirish thiller/melodrama East Side, West Side (1949), involving a bored married couple, past infidelities, and murder. Ava Gardner’s a standout as the »other woman» who comes between Stanwyck’s Jessie and James Mason’s Brandon. The cinematography is atmospheric and taut. Even the supporting cast dazzles in its own right—Cyd Charisse, William Frawley, William Conrad, and a winsome Nancy Davis (the future First Lady). Extras include a short film and a fun Tex Avery cartoon, »Counterfeit Cat.»

To Please a Lady (1950)

– Surmanajaja –

To Please a Lady may have one of the least appropriate film titles ever—it’s a high-octane drama set around the world of early car racing, with a romance between Stanwyck and Clark Gable as the hook. But the film itself is a blast, especially for the well-shot, adrenaline-rush scenes of car racing, decades before the polish of NASCAR. Gable’s a reckless driving champ and Stanwyck’s the hard-nosed reporter who revs up his heart. Stanwyck’s Regina catches racing fever: »It’s like the Fourth of July and the heavyweight fight and the World Series all rolled into one.» Amen, sister.

Jeopardy (1953)

– Epätoivon hetkiä –

Jeopardy appears as a »double feature» on one disc with To Please a Lady. It’s a fascinating psychological thriller that presages a whole genre of »ticking time-bomb» peril films, and also suggests a pivotal scene in Sometimes a Great Notion. Stanwyck plays a happily married wife, vacationing in Mexico with her husband (Barry Sullivan), who becomes trapped in the surf—and as the tide comes in, his luck may run out. A frantic Stanwyck has to make scary choices if her husband—and she—is to survive. The extra on this disc is an audio-only radio interview with Stanwyck.

Executive Suite (1954)

– Arpa on heitetty –

Robert Wise directed Executive Suite, a still-relevant portrait of cutthroat corporate shenanigans, starring Frederic March and William Holden (in a truly dazzling performance) as the sharks in the corner-office tank. Stanwyck plays an heiress with her trademark unflappability—and with possibly the steeliest business persona of them all. Extras include an enthusiastic commentary by Wall Street director Oliver Stone, as well as a vintage short and cartoon.


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